How CPQ Software Saves SMBs Time and Boosts Sales

August 13, 2018 | posted in CPQ, SMBs

Check out this great article from Brian Friedman posted on the Oracle SMB Business Blog recently. The applicability of professional CPQ solutions like Oracle CPQ Cloud to the SMB market is vastly underrated. With integrations unlocking the power of joined up systems, it can be a great investment, and often younger or smaller organisations don’t have so much ‘cruft’ to unpick or remove when they're streamlining their processes. In fact it can be a lot easier and more cost effective to implement Oracle CPQ in SMBs than in larger or more established organisations.

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Reflections on CPQ Heroes in Paris

July 20, 2018 | posted in News, CPQ, Oracle

Ingmar Hermans and Antoine Jansen from Walpole Partnership recently spent a few days in Paris at the extremely insightful CPQ Heroes event. Just over twenty Oracle Sales Engineers (SEs) who are directly involved with CPQ attended the event. We felt privileged to be able to meet the majority of the SEs individually, and were also given the opportunity to present to the group and explain how Walpole Partnership uniquely adds value during a CPQ implementation process.


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How to learn from the sales results of a cloud-based CPQ platform

July 17, 2018 | posted in sales software, CPQ

For many sales teams, the biggest challenges are reducing sales cycle time, increasing order values, and improving margins. Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) platforms can bring a 75% reduction in quote cycle time, 93% reduction in order processing time, and over 65% in labour time per quote.

The positive results your business will achieve from implementing cloud-based CPQ aren’t the end of the story - there’s a lot to be learnt from how your sales process evolves after implementation. Here’s how to measure and learn from your results.

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'CPQ and Faster, Smoother, Easier Audits' - Published by Oracle's SMB Blog

July 16, 2018 | posted in CPQ, Oracle, Audits

It’s always flattering to be asked by an amazing global corporation if they can republish our thoughts! We've had our blogs posted by Oracle and before, but this is the first time that we've had anything published by Oracle's Small-to-Medium Business Blog which is really exciting. Make sure you check out the post 'CPQ and Faster, Smoother, Easier Audits'. Thank you Oracle Corporation for being a great company to partner with!

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CPQ technology: Where sales opportunities are leaking from your business and how to plug the gaps

July 10, 2018 | posted in quoting for sales, sales software, CPQ

Configure, Price and Quote (CPQ) systems are designed to help sales teams produce accurate quotes, customise orders, and create sales-winning proposals. Without a CPQ system, sales cycles are longer, win rates drop, and sales channels can be disjointed. Sales opportunities could be leaking from your business. Here’s how CPQ technology can plug the gaps.

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June 26, 2018 | posted in CPQ, Audits

We have touched on the importance of auditing pricing and deal construction processes before. In our previous article on the benefits of putting your approvals into a CPQ system we referred to the audit trail that can be logged and generated by a well-designed CPQ system, and the benefits don’t stop there. In the next part of our exploration into the real value of CPQ, we’ll go a little deeper into the many ways CPQ can assist your organisation’s auditability.


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'CPQ is an Auditor’s Best Friend’ – Published by Oracle

May 22, 2018 | posted in configure price quote, CPQ

We’re very pleased that our Managing Director, Andy Pieroux, has just had another of his blog posts focusing on CPQ published by Oracle.

The post, ‘CPQ is an Auditor’s Best Friend’, explores how and why a Configure, Price, Quote system can provide a sales function with a robust audit trail for pricing decisions, which will in turn make the business start to love the audit, rather than live in fear of it!



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Code-Free CPQ Cloud? 3 Reasons It’s Worth the Effort

May 17, 2018 | posted in CPQ

Time and time again, the promise of a faster sales process is a key factor in getting executive buy-in for adopting Oracle Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) Cloud. Faster pricing, faster quotes, and, therefore, faster revenue recognition. So, when it comes to implementing the system, it’s natural for stakeholders to want it done and fast.

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What size CPQ system is right for me? – Part 1 of 2

October 4, 2016 | posted in News, CPQ, Walpole Partnership

one-size-300x193If you’re considering investing in a CPQ system for your company, you’ll find a wider variety of vendors and solutions than ever before. It’s great to have a big choice, but as a result, the selection process can be overwhelming.

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CPQ: Three Letters to Free Up Sales Time

September 20, 2016 | posted in News, Oracle PartnerNetwork, CPQ

Screen-Shot-2016-09-15-at-20.38.48-300x203Here’s a great article from Oracle explaining why your company needs a CPQ system!

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